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IRF510 N-channel Power MOSFET

IRF510is a third-generationPower MOSFETwith the best combination offast switching and low on-state resistance. This component is available at a lower cost. Hence, it is widely used in industrial applications forpower dissipation levels up to 43W.

IRF510 MOSFETis capable to withstand drain-to-source voltage VDSup to 100V and continuous drain current IDup to 5.6A. It can withstand 20A current in pulse mode and belongs to the package TO-220AB. It is designed for applications that require high-speed switching like a motor driver, switching converter and regulators, etc.

IRF510 Pinout Description

Pin No

Pin Name

Pin Description



Control the biasing of MOSFET



Current flows-in through Drain



Current flows-out through Source


  • Dynamic dv/dt rating
  • Single-pulse avalanche rated
  • High input impedance
  • Linear transfer characteristic
  • High-speed switching speed (in terms of nano-second)
  • Ease of paralleling
  • Operating temperature up to 175˚C
  • Low thermal resistance


The applications of IRF510 are listed below.

  • UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply)
  • Battery charger and management system
  • Motor driver circuit
  • Telecommunication and computer applications
  • Solar UPS
  • Fast switching applications
  • Switching converter and regulators

Technical Specifications

  • 晶体管Polarity: N-channel
  • Drain-to-source V电压DS: 100V
  • Drain-to-source current ID: 5.6A
  • On-state resistance (drain-to-source resistance) RDS: 0.54Ω
  • Operating temperature range: -55˚C to 175˚C
  • Gate charge Qg: 8.3nC
  • Gate-source voltage VGS: ±20V
  • Maximum power dissipation: 43W
  • Maximum voltage required to conduct: 2V to 4V
  • Package type: TO-220AB

Note: More technical specifications can be found in theIRF510 datasheetattached at the end of this page.

IRF510 Equivalent


Switching Characteristics

  • Turn-on delay time td(on): 6.9ns
  • Turn-off delay time td(off): 15ns
  • Rise time tr: 16 ns
  • Fall time tf: 9.4ns


ThisMOSFETis a switching device that will turn on when sufficient gate voltage is available or else, it will remain in turn-off condition. In this simulation, we will use IRF510 to turn on an LED. If the applied gate voltage is not sufficient to turn on the device, the current will not pass from drain to source and the LED will remain in off condition.

IRF510 MOSFET Circuit Diagram

When the gate voltage is sufficient to turn on MOSFET, the LED will turn on and the current will pass through the drain to the source.

IRF510 MOSFET Circuit

2D Model and Dimensions

Ifyou are designing a PCB or Perf board with this component, then the following picture from the Datasheet will be useful to know its package type and dimensions.

IRF510 Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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